File Formats Supported

File Formats

Standard 35mm presentation slides can be produced from the following computer graphics formats:
  1. PowerPoint 4.0, 7.0, 97 & 2000 for Windows and 3.0, 4.0 & 98 for Macintosh.
  2. Images files: JPG, TIF, GIF, PSD, PCX, and BMP. (Always use RGB color mapping. Do not use CYMK)
  3. Other Windows presentation graphics software, such as Freelance and Persuasion, via BLL files. BLL (Binary Lasergraphics Language) files can be created using the BLL printer driver. You can down this printer driver here. Download this file to a convenient folder, then follow these instructions:
    1. Run the install program by double clicking on bll41n.exe
    2. Accept all the default settings for the installation.
    3. Run the BLL Manager program in the Start Menu under /Programs/WinRascol/BLLConf.
    4. Click on Add, then on Add again on the next screen to add a BLL Generator.
    5. Set the film recorder type to Personal LFR
    6. Leave the Serial Number blank.
    7. The driver name should be Personal LFR (BLL)
    8. Destination Directory is where your BLL files will be created.
    9. Exit the BLL Manger program.
    10. Go to Start/Settings/Printers. You should see Personal LFR (BLL) listed.
    11. Right click Personal LFR (BLL) and go to properties.
    12. Click on Details.
    13. Click on Setup.
    14. Set Film to "35mm Kodak Elite II 100, v3".
    15. Set Resolution to "Fast".
    16. Set Paper to "PowerPoint 3.0 Slide" (11.25x7.5).
    17. Click on the Misc. Image Options and set Compression to "High".
    18. All other settings can be left at their defaults.
    19. Save the settings and exit.
    You are now ready to use the BLL Generator to create BLL files from your presentation program. Just start your program as you normally would. Load your presentation file and print. Make sure you select "Personal LFR (BLL)" as your printer. When your program is finished printing, you will find one BLL file for each slide located in the folder you designated as the Destination Folder in step #8 above. We recommend you preview your BLL file by double clicking on it to make sure it turned out okay. If the BLL's look all right, send them to us along with an online order form and we will take it from there.

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