Harvard Graphics Guidelines

Harvard Graphics for Windows

Before you begin creating slides, be sure your default setup is correct. Click on File/Presentation Setup to view your setup parameters.

Harvard Graphics sets the output page size according to the output device and margins you have selected under presentation setup. In order to get the best results, you should select WinRascol BLL Generator as your device and set the margins to zero. The WinRascol device is a windows printer driver that has the correct dimensions for a slide (7.33 x 11). If you use a device other than the WinRascol BLL Generator or if you do not set your margins to zero, your slide image may not fit properly on the 35mm slide and you may have black borders around your image.

If you need a copy of the latest version of the WinRascol printer driver (bllonly.drv 1.13) , we can send you a copy on diskette along with installation instructions. You can also download the driver by modem or over the Internet. Contact us for details. There is no charge for the driver.

If you have already designed your slides for another output device and need to change to the WinRascol, be sure to review your slides after changing devices. Some objects may move out of alignment as Harvard Graphics automatically adjusts font sizes and rescales graphic objects .

Under Print Setup, make sure none of the Print Options are selected ("Print text black", etc.)

To avoid font substitution use only the original fonts that came with Windows, Harvard Graphics fonts, or the Symbol font set.

Harvard Graphics 3.0 for DOS

Set Up Instructions

  1. In the Main Menu, go to 'Setup' and then 'Film Recorder'
  2. In the Main Menu, go to 'Setup' and then 'Program Defaults'. Specify the Output Directory where your files are to be placed.

Presentation Output Instructions

  1. In Main Menu, go to Presentation, then click on 'Get Presentation'
  2. Select the presentation you wish to output
  3. In Main Menu, go to Output, then to Presentation and then to Filmrecorder
  4. Verify Output settings are as described in the Set Up instructions
  5. Change the Output to Disk option to 'Yes'
  6. Change the Ouput Extension to 'LL'
  7. Press the 'F10' button to output the presentation
  8. Bring or send us the resulting *.LL files

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