Issues for Mac Users

Please use Windows compatible file names

Our slide imaging system is Windows based rather than Mac based. Consequently, all Mac files must be transferred to Windows before shooting. The format for file names in Windows uses a 3 letter extension to designate the type of file. To be compatible with our system, please add the appropriate 3 character extension to your file name (e.g. .PPT, .TIF, .GIF, .JPG, .BLL, .ZIP, etc.)

Beware of special Mac characters - use the Symbol font for special characters.

There are some special characters on the Mac that do not translate correctly to Windows. For instance, for most fonts on the Mac you can press the Option key and "," key together to get the "" character. This particular key combination does not translate to the same character in the same font in Windows. For these kinds of special characters it is much safer to use the Symbol font set. The Symbol font set on the Mac does have a one to one correspondence to the Symbol font set in Windows. For instance, you can press Option-3 to get the "" character in the Symbol font set on the Mac which will then also translate to the "" character on the PC. (You can use the Key Caps program on the Mac to see the key combinations to use to get different characters in different fonts.)

Do not use Macbinary when transferring or zipping

If you are sending your files electronically, please be sure to set your communications software to binary transfer and not macbinary. Many communications programs for the Mac default to macbinary because they assume you are transferring to another Macintosh. Our system is PC based and cannot use macbinary files. Also, if you are compressing your files with ZipIt, make sure the macbinary option in ZipIt is turned off before compressing.

Do not cut and paste between applications using the Mac clipboard

If you have graphics in one program (e.g. Photoshop) that you wish to bring into another program (e.g. PowerPoint), do not cut and paste through the Mac clipboard. Instead, export or save the desired graphic as a TIF or JPG file and import that file into the second program. Going through the Mac clipboard will convert the graphic into a format specific to the Mac and can cause problems when trying to shoot from the PC.

Do not insert QuickTime Pict images

QuickTime Pict images will not work on our system. Do not use QuickTime Pict images.

Please format your diskettes and CD's for a PC.

If you are bringing your job to us on diskette or CD, please make sure they are formatted for a PC. Most Macintosh computers today can format and write to diskettes and CD's to be used on PC's. This will make processing your job easier and faster. Thanks.

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