PowerPoint Guidelines

A. Page Setup - Set Size for 35mm

Before you begin creating slides, be sure your Page Setup is correct. Click on File/Page Setup to view the setup parameters. "Slides Sized for" should be set to "35mm Slides".

[If you are designing for cinema advertising, you may want to use a custom page size to match the dimensions of the cinema screen. For US Cinema (aspect ratio 1:1.85) set page width to 11.25 and height to 6.00 inches. For Cinemascope (aspect ratio 1:2.35) set page width to 11.25 and height to 4.75 inches.]

When composing your slides, don't run text or other objects right up to the edge of the slide. Leave about .25 inch margins on all sides to allow for the slide mount. If you run text right up to the slide edge, it may get partially covered by the slide mount.

B. Fonts - Embed as TrueType, if necessary

To avoid unwanted font substitution use only the standard fonts that came with Windows and PowerPoint. The standard fonts are: If you need to use other fonts, be sure to save the fonts with your file. In PowerPoint 97 you can save your fonts with your file by selecting Embed TrueType under Save As. (Please note that fonts with similar names are not the same font. For instance, Courier is not the same as Courier New. Use Courier New, not Courier.)

C. Digital Image Issues - Import

If your job contains large images refer to our page on Image Resolution & Large Files Issues for special pricing considerations for large slides.

If you need to place digital images into your PowerPoint slides, it is best to import them as JPG files (Insert/Picture/From File). Cutting and pasting through the clipboard can affect the image format and cause problems when shooting. This is especially true for cutting and pasting on the Mac.

D. What files we need from you

Submit your job as a PowerPoint file in its native format (.PPT). Please include only one file per job containing only the slides to be shot. Having to shoot from multiple files or subportions of files may incur special handling charges. (The exception to this rule is when you have both landscape and portrait slides. These have to be in two separate files, since PowerPoint does not let you mix landscape and portrait slides in one file. In this case there is no extra charge for submitting two files instead of one.)

Mac users, please include a ".ppt" extension on the end or your file names.

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